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About The Neat Space

 There are many reasons for decluttering or reorganising – some are emotional, some are simply practical. Our goal is to organise your space in a way that works best for you and enables you to relax and enjoy the time you spend in your home.  We firmly believe that an organized clean space is an oasis for personal joy
A helping hand makes decluttering and organising less overwhelming, giving you time to focus on things that matter the most.


Professional Services

With the skills and expertise, we have developed some core services over the years. If you’re looking for something more specific or specialized, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.


Organising +Decluttering

Attention to Detail

  • Is being organised something you struggle to achieve?

  • Does the thought of tackling a room of clutter stress you out?

  • Would you like to walk into any room of your house, feel calm and relaxed, able to find what you need in 30 seconds or less?

If you are nodding yes, then it’s time to make it happen!

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start. We offer practical solutions, motivation, and guidance to tackle particular issues; helping you through the decision-making process to reduce clutter and ultimately creating a space and home that works best for you.

Moving Boxes

Moving Home Assistance

Customer Focused

Does the thought of unpacking your home stress you?

Do you want to feel more at home faster?

Move-in assistance will be perfect for you. We will help you with unpacking your belongings and finding new homes for them in your new place. This gives you time to relax after a stressful move and getting used to your new space.

Cleaning Mirror

End of Tenancy Clean

Expert Service

Did you know that end of tenancy cleaning saves you time?

 Hiring professionals instead of doing the job yourself may just seem like an unnecessary cost. However, when your tenants leave and you need to prepare the property for new tenants or even when you yourself are moving out, it can be a time-consuming and arduous task. Having to sort out the cleaning may mean you have to put other aspects of your life on hold. Using our domestic cleaning services can free up your time for your other responsibilities or for activities that you enjoy.

Wooden Furnitures


When you need a dependable Organiser, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact me today.


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